Engage your patients.
Streamline clinic visits.

We help you explain an upcoming treatment to your patients using professionally-made educational videos.

Illustration of the product showing a doctor prescribing a video to a patient from a library of videos.

How Plus Works


Illustration showing a doctor sending a video to a patient.

Send video to patient

Choose a video from the library, and Plus delivers a secure link on your behalf to the patient via email or text in their native language.


Illustration showing a patient viewing the video on a smartphone.

Patient views video at home

The video informs the patient about the relevant medical topic using simple language and animated graphics answering common questions.


Illustration showing a doctor with patient surrounded by charts.

Streamline clinic visit

With Plus you can track the engagement of your patient and focus the consultation on answering open questions.

What the Platform Offers

In addition to unlimited video deliveries, with Plus you get a platform to manage your patient’s experience.

Icon Automated Communication

Automated Communication

Schedule pre- and post-treatment reminders and surveys to improve medical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Icon Patient Analytics

Patient Analytics

Gain valuable insights on individual patient engagement or aggregate reports on your entire patient population and personal case load.

Icon Brand Personalization

Brand Personalization

Strengthen the relationship of your patients with you as a hospital or practice by embedding your logo or name into the videos.

Icon Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Communicate with your patients in their native language. We offer every video and all communication in multiple languages.

Icon Security


We take patient privacy seriously at Plus. We use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organization.

Icon Co-Development


Don’t see a feature you would like?
Let us know, and we will develop the feature with you.

What’s in the Library

Available in the library

Recovery after inguinal hernia repair

Video preview image

Available in the library

Why do I need a colonoscopy?

Video preview image

Available in the library

What happens during a total hip replacement?

Video preview image

Specialties available

General surgery

Umbilical hernia repair, inguinal hernia repair, cholecystectomy, Nissen fundoplication, hemicolectomy, and more

Bariatric surgery

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, endoscopic gastrojejunal revisions, and more


Colonoscopy, diverticulitis, and more


ACL repair, hip replacement, knee replacement, and more

Topics covered for each specialty

Informed consent

Risks, benefits, alternatives

Preparing for treatments

Recovery from treatments

Pathophysiology of common diseases

Why and how to take particular medications

Don’t see the specialty or topic you would like for your patients?

Let us know, and we will prioritize the content you need for your patients.